A Lucky Break for Iowa?

day1otlk_1300Last night I mentioned one final threat of severe weather for the western half of Iowa today.  Well now this morning, that threat has diminished dramatically.  As you can see in the updated risk graphic to the left, the Storm Prediction Center has dropped the slight risk area for Iowa today and tonight.  This is extremely welcomed news for people in a state who are tired of the rain, thunderstorms and severe weather.

So what caused the sudden change?  It’s expected that drier air will push into Iowa beginning today, inhibiting thunderstorm development.  There’s still a chance of a stray strong thunderstorm or two, but at this time we do not expect any organized severe weather in Iowa.

That drier air is also ushering in another welcomed change, cooler temperatures and less humid conditions.  By Sunday things will start to feel a lot more comfortable across Iowa. In fact much of next week will feature highs below normal and low temperatures down into the 50’s, finally giving Iowans a chance to turn off their air conditioners.

Barring any changes to the forecast, this is likely our only update for the day.  We’ll keep an eye on things thought, but for now it looks like several days of dry weather. 

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