A Little Relief, But Not Enough


This morning I was woken up to some rather noisy rumbles of thunder.   As much as I’m not a fan of thunder it was certainly good to hear the rain falling again.  I wish I could say it will be enough to ease our drought worries, but sadly, it will not.

As for the threat for severe weather today and into tonight, it is very low but it’s there.  A slight risk is in place for most of the state as a nearly stationary cold front dissects Iowa and could serve as a focal point for thunderstorm development.  No major severe weather outbreak is expected, but we could see some isolated reports of strong wind gusts and large hail.

We will monitor the latest trends over the next 24 hours, but at this time I do not foresee any major severe weather development.  Just a lot more heat and humidity in our future.

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