A Little Bit of Snow Causes Big Problems

It wasn’t a lot of snow, but it was enough to cause a lot of headaches across eastern Iowa.  A storm system moved through early Tuesday Morning, producing snowfall totals between a half inch and four inches.  Along with the snow came strong winds, producing blowing and drifting snow.  This also reduced visibilities significantly, especially in rural areas.

One of the hardest hit areas travel-wise was along Interstate 80 between Williamsburg and the Amanas in Iowa County.  A burst of snow early Tuesday Morning sent a number of trucks off the road (you can see our pictures of these trucks below).  Other accidents were reported across the area.  One particular messy crash between two semis backed up southbound I-380 traffic for several miles near the I-80 interchange.

It certainly wasn’t a lot of snow by any stretch of the imagination.  What made this storm particularly difficult was the timing.  The snowfall didn’t last long and it fell during a peak driving time here in Iowa.  This created a perfect scenario for a minor snowfall amount to produce some big problems. 

We have some other storms systems to worry about down the road, but we’ll worry about those in the coming days.  Again, take a look at our pictures below!


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