A Helping Hand All The Way From Iowa

tuscaloosa_afterAs we’ve written about for several days now, the level of destruction in the southern U.S. is almost unthinkable.  Hundreds of tornadoes left more than 300 dead, thousands injured and countless others homeless.  One way we try and prevent disasters such as this from happening is by gathering as much data from outbreaks like this as possible. 

The trouble is there is far too much damage for the average National Weather Service office to survey.  Rather than taking a few hours, this could take weeks.  But to speed up the process the National Weather Service is calling for help, and a member of the Iowa Storm Chasing team will be one of the many called in for assistance.

Storm chaser Ben McMillan is on his way to Alabama this morning.  He plans on helping in efforts as investigators work to document what exactly happened.  His work will help paint a better picture of the damage these storms did, and hopefully benefit those working to make storm protection more reliable, even In the most violent winds.

As Ben works in the field he’ll bring us reports from Alabama about what he finds.  We hope you stay tuned for these reports in the days ahead and we’ll give you more details on everything Ben is doing down south as soon as it’s available.  Our thanks to Ben and everyone else in the disaster zone pitching in to help the area recover.

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