A First Hand Look at the Devastation in Georgia

IMG_8717Earlier we told you about Iowa Storm Chasing’s Ben McMillan’s trip to the southern U.S. to assist in efforts to document the widespread destruction caused by the largest tornado outbreak in recorded history.  211 tornadoes struck several states last Wednesday, killing more than 300 people and leaving countless others homeless.

Sunday morning, Ben landed in Georgia and traveled to the town of Ringgold.  That was the scene of an EF-4 tornado that killed 8 people and injured many others.  You can see by the pictures that Ben is sending back that the damage left behind is extensive.

Ben says that the town is still sealed off to the outside with the exception of business owners and residents.

You can see the impact this tornado had on even the largest and solidly-built structures.  Entire walls are gone and, in some cases, it’s hard to tell that a building ever existed there at all.  It’s a scene that is playing out all over the southern U.S.

We’ll continue to post more of Ben’s pictures and bring you more of his story throughout his time in the disaster zone.



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