A Clipper System With Something Extra

Capture This is a very unusual system.  A clipper system is poised to dump snow across Iowa.  And in the case of eastern and northern Iowa, a lot of it.  A Winter Storm Warning is now in effect for most areas along and north of Highway 20.  In eastern Iowa, that warning stretches south to Interstate 80.

This is expected to be a long duration event, perhaps not wrapping up until the early morning hours of Wednesday.  As a result, the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities has extended the time of a Winter Storm Warning to Midnight early Wednesday morning.  They’ve also added a few additional counties.  You can see these counties shaded in pink.  Those colored purple are under a Winter Weather Advisory where snow totals are expected to remain below 5”.

When all is said and done, it is becoming increasingly possible that double-digit snowfall totals will be found in portions of eastern Iowa, especially in areas north of Highway 20.  Closer to I-80, 4”-7” is possible with higher amounts the further north you go.

It’s an odd scenario from the sunny skies and mild condition seen after an inch or two of snow fell this morning.  Winds across the area are also beginning to pick up.  This will likely create a blowing and drifting problem across much of Iowa well into Wednesday.  In areas of northern and eastern Iowa, travel will begin to get difficult late Monday Night and remain that way through Wednesday morning.  We will of course continue to monitor the latest changes in both snow forecasts and snow totals.  And be sure to share your pics with us by sending them to [email protected]

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