A Bumpy Ride to A Steamy Weekend

After the coldest July in Iowa history, a strong storm system will makes its way through eastern Iowa beginning Friday morning.  Storms from Thursday Night’s round of severe weather are expected to push through the region early Friday Morning.

How quickly those storms clear out will pave the way for a bigger round late in the afternoon towards the evening hours.  The atmosphere should be very unstable as a warm front pushes north on Friday.

Untitled The Storm Prediction Center has most of the state under a slight risk for Friday.  The highest risk lies in northeast Iowa where explosive development is expected along the warm front as it passes from south to north.

There are a couple of variables we are monitoring.  While the north remains the north remains the prime area for supercells and toradic development, we much also watch a second and potentially more dangerous event take shape to the south of the front.

Outflow boundaries are expected to lie all over the place.  If any of these boundaries can get going away from the front once the cap breaks, there is a slight potential for a derecho.

A derecho can bring damaging winds to a very widespread area over hundreds of miles over several hours.  The threat for this type of development will have to be monitored.

sat As the hottest temperatures of the year take hold on Saturday, the threat of additional storms remains a possibility over the northern parts of eastern Iowa.  For now will focus attention on Friday at this time but will continue to monitor the situation.

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