A Broken Record Weather Week

day1otlk_1300A very stormy night across Iowa early Monday morning finally relented but that doesn’t mean the restless nights for thousands are over.  Another hot and humid day across the state is expected today followed by another night of strong storms.  Although all modes of severe weather are possible, once again tonight threat is primarily strong winds and heavy rain. 

This pattern of overnight thunderstorms is expected to continue through at least Wednesday.  With a humid air mass over Iowa showing no signs it plans to depart anytime soon, storms will have no trouble finding energy over the state. 

Looking at the flooding concerns, large areas of Iowa reported 2-4” of rain from last night’s storms.  Besides flash flooding concerns, area rivers can handle this precip, but more this week could add to the totals and begin to cause problems along area rivers.

We’ll monitor tonight’s severe weather threat throughout the day and will also update a similar threat for tomorrow later this afternoon.  All in all it looks like another busy night for many in Iowa.

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