8:10am UPDATE: Tornado Threat Increasing


The Storm Prediction Center had upgraded much of Wisconsin and northeast Iowa to a moderate risk for severe weather today.  All the ingredients are coming into play for a modest outbreak of severe weather capable of producing large hail, strong damaging winds and a few tornadoes.

The greatest threat for a large outbreak lies over portions of Wisconsin today, but confidence is growing the same parameters in that area will affect portions of Iowa as well.  A cold front is sweeping through the state and, although there are some questions as to the timing and ability for storms to fire over Iowa, when/if they do, there will be plenty of energy and dynamics for storms to work with to explode into supercells.

Although tornadoes are a concern, the biggest and most widespread problem will come from the potential for widespread strong damaging winds.  A high probability of such an outcome exists over the moderate risk area this afternoon and evening.

This could turn into a very dangerous situation for people living in Wisconsin and eastern Iowa and I strongly encourage everyone living in these areas to stay advised of the latest information throughout the day and night.  We’ll have updates as new information comes out later today.

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