8:00PM UPDATE: Severe Risk Lowered, Wind Threat Remains

day1otlk_0100 The potential for a regional outbreak has eased somewhat as storms did not come together as expected to our west.  But the primary threat of strong, damaging winds here in Iowa remains.  Several clusters of storms continue to develop in Nebraska.  Some storms are inching closer to western Iowa at this hour.

Storms are still expected to develop further north in Nebraska and in the Dakotas later tonight and into tomorrow morning, potentially forming a large complex of storms that will race eastward across Iowa during the overnight and early morning hours.

day1probotlk_0100_wind The graphic to the right shows the wind risk.  Although lower, you can see the pattern expected, a wide swath of wind producing storms should move from northwest to southeast over the state.  Another wind producing complex of storms could also reach southwest Iowa later this evening.  This is still a situation that bears very close watching over the next several hours.

Again, if conditions warrant, we’ll launch our live chat and bring you up to the second information right here on iowachase.com.

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