7:30pm UPDATE: All Eyes on the Mercury

iowa_tmpfA band of showers is moving across portions of central Iowa at this hour.  The good news for this area is it’s still well above freezing.  But this rain band bears some very close watching as it inches ever so close to much colder air in northeast Iowa where snow is already on the ground.  Take a look at the graphic to the right from Iowa Mesonet.  It shows the wide difference in temperatures between northeast and southwest Iowa. 

It’s possible some of this rain could freeze after reaching the ground.  There are reports of some freezing drizzle in areas.  It’s hoped that most areas will rise above freezing for a while this evening before an eventual changeover to all snow.  But in the meantime, there is a threat of icing in areas below freezing at this hour and it needs to be monitored.  We’ll keep you posted on any potential ice accumulations in northern Iowa tonight.

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