3:30pm UPDATE: Warm Front Trekking North


The map above tells the tale.  The warm front is surging north now, bring very warm and very humid conditions to the southern half of the state.  With northern Iowa still in the 60’s, temperatures in southern Iowa are quickly approaching 90 and rising. 

Although a cap should prevent any organized thunderstorms from developing today, there is still a slight risk for severe weather over much of the state.  Why?  The main reason is the potential for explosive thunderstorm development to the west of Iowa later this afternoon and evening.

After sunset, as the cap begins to erode, these storms could roar into Iowa producing a modest threat of strong, damaging winds.  There is also the potential that the cap will hold and very little will happen.  Although not the most clear-cut forecast it still need to be taken very seriously.  With so many people enjoying the holiday weekend outdoors, the potential for overnight storms is especially dangerous.  We’ll continue to follow the latest developments and will bring you updates throughout the afternoon and evening.

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