3:15pm UPDATE: Waiting for the Storms to Come

day1otlk_2000At this hour, thunderstorms have not yet developed along or near a cold front sweeping through the state this afternoon.  This is not entirely unexpected.  We felt the earliest storms would form was 3pm.  With the cap holding, storms could hold off for another 1-3 hours.  Eventually the cap should erode and we’ll see explosive development.  The latest severe weather outlook, as you can see to the left, has not changed at all since this morning.

Provided that these storms can overcome the cap in the next few hours, severe weather appears likely.  Strong winds and large hail are the primary threats, but an isolated, brief tornado is also possible.

We are awaiting more information from the Storm Prediction Center and will bring that to you when it’s available.  We also plan to launch our live coverage if storms begin to threaten parts of Iowa.

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