3:15pm UPDATE: Preparing for Storm to Fire


The latest information from the Storm Prediction Center shows little change in our current thinking about what will happen tonight.  Storms are expected to begin firing soon, especially over areas of eastern Nebraska.  Supercells should quickly explode in this area, capable of producing all modes of severe weather.  Our Ben McMillan is in the moderate risk area today and you can follow his live video feed as well as get up to the second severe weather information by checking out our live coverage page here.

Beyond the threat for tornadoes, the main concern tonight is the potential for widespread, damaging winds.  This threat could linger well into the nighttime hours, much like last night when we saw storm damage as far east as Benton County in Iowa.

day1probotlk_2000_windYou can see in the graphic to the right that the severe wind potential is very high in portions of Nebraska and Iowa.  Although the primary concern, people living in these areas should also be on the lookout for large hail and a few tornadoes.

We will continue to follow tonight’s threats and bring you the very latest as soon as it comes in.

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  1. We were just wondering why the storms are building more towards ft dodge Iowa. They kept saying out in Nebraska. We live by Newell Iowa.just was wondering what was going on.

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