3:15pm UPDATE: Minimal Threat for Severe Weather

day1otlk_2000Little change in the current thinking.  This morning’s strong thunderstorms coupled with a persistent atmospheric cap should prevent any severe thunderstorms from developing in Iowa today.  One area still being monitored is portions of extreme eastern Iowa along the Mississippi River.  Besides this area, there is little chance anyone in the state will see any dangerous storms today or tonight.

After a warm front crossed parts of the state, temperatures began to soar, as did the humidity.  While it is still in the 60’s in northeast Iowa (where the front has not yet passed), portions of southwest Iowa are in the 90’s.  I can tell you from my location near Williamsburg, the mugginess is more than noticeable.  And the heat is building as the sun begins to sneak out from behind the clouds.

All of this put together is creating a lot of available energy in the atmosphere for storms to tap into, but much like last night, a strong atmospheric cap is preventing that development.  That will also be the case tomorrow as parts of the state could set new record highs for this time of year.  Guess it’s just an example of this spring going from one temperature extreme to the other.

We’ll continue to monitor the small chance that storms could develop later today and will bring you updates IF needed.  Otherwise it appears Iowa will stay in the clear until Wednesday, when a cold front will sweep through the state bringing a new threat of strong storms to the entire region.

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