16 Tornadoes Confirmed in Saturday Tornado Outbreak

Untitled As of Monday morning, more than 3 dozen reported tornadoes on Saturday have been whittled down to 16 confirmed tornado touchdowns.  The number comes after several National Weather Service offices fanned out across Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.  Some people wonder why the final number can be so low when compared to the original reports.  In this case there are two reasons.

The first is damage reports.  Some tornado reports come in when major damage occurs.  In some cases, NWS investigators determine the damage was caused by straight line winds or a microburst.  Also in this case, a number of tornadoes turned out to be the same tornado.

reports Mississippi was the hardest hit state, where one EF-4 tornado touched down and stayed on the ground for an amazing 97 miles.  Investigators are still working to break down all the final details of this storm, but the initial reports indicates at one point, the tornado was 1.75 miles wide.

The damage in some areas is significant and at least 10 people died in the tornado outbreak.  For more pictures and information on this outbreak, go the links below for more detailed information and updates as more analysis is completed by the National Weather Service offices affected by this tornado outbreak.

NWS Huntsville, AL
NWS Jackson, MS
NWS Nashville, TN
NWS Memphis, TN
NWS Little Rock, AR
NWS Shreveport, LA
NWS Morristown, TN

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