1:45PM UPDATE: One More Risk Before A Break

day1otlk_1200 The Storm Prediction Center is maintaining a slight risk today for severe weather in eastern Iowa.  This is a far more conditional threat than we’ve dealth with over the last few days.  The area in question is the potential location of the first severe storms once they develop this afternoon. 

If that happens, a threat of tornadoes will exist if any of these storms quickly develop into supercells.  Strong winds and large hail are also a threat.  But the focus with any storms in primarily southeast Iowa will be on tornadoes.

The good news is this is the end of this system as far as Iowa is concerned.  After days and days of severe weather threat, we’re finally getting a break.  That’s good news as many communities are cleaning up damage from last night’s tornadoes and strong winds.  We’ll have more on the aftermath including the completion of the first storm survey in Iowa later this afternoon.

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