12:45pm UPDATE: Tornado Potential Today

day1otlk_1630There is little change in the current thinking.  The only substantial change over the Upper Midwest severe weather outlook this afternoon is an increased threat for strong tornadoes, especially west of the Missouri River in Nebraska.

Even so, we will be on the lookout for tornado, weak or strong in western Iowa this afternoon.  We plan on leaving the Des Moines around 2pm today and heading west, eventually moving north as the warm front passes over.  There is some concern over the timing of the warm front and storms could in fact develop a little further south than previously anticipated, perhaps along or south of Interstate 80.

We are on the road today so our updates will be limited.  In a short time we’ll launch our live coverage and set up automated feeds with the latest watches, warnings and damage reports.  We will do what we can do update the chat from the road but if we are unable to communicate with you I apologize, we’ll do what we can with the limited data speeds we have.

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  1. We are from Waterloo Iowa and my Aunt Mrs Patsy Potter (no relation to Harry) and meny other family and friends are there so on the news we heard a tornato watch was in effect for south of there.on a need to know bases so please let us know also any news from Cedar Rapids, Oelwein Stay safe and dry when you can and we appreciat you.!!

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