12:30pm UPDATE: Wind Primary Risk Tonight

day1otlk_1630Little change to the going severe weather forecast tonight.  The Storm Prediction Center is maintaining a moderate risk for severe weather tonight across portions of northern Iowa.  There is a concern the severe threat will last through the overnight hours and produce widespread damaging winds across the state.  But we’ll get to that in a moment.

Storms are expected to fire in Minnesota later this afternoon.  Initial storms could produce tornadoes, but the greater threat may come from one or more bowed out lines of thunderstorms that produce strong winds.  Already the SPC has posted a tornado watch for portions of central and southern Minnesota this afternoon.  These storms could accelerate quickly and cover a large area over the course of a few hours.

day1probotlk_1630_windThe graphic on the right shows today’s wind risk probabilities.  You can see the highest areas in portions of southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.  If bowed out lines of severe thunderstorms take shape, it’s possible we could see everything race across the state of Iowa from north to south tonight.  The severe risk could last into the morning hours, stretching through Iowa and reaching portions of northern Missouri.

Again, all modes of severe weather are possible, but the primary risk tonight for Iowa will come in the form of strong damaging winds.  We’ll continue to monitor the latest trends tonight and hope to bring you more live coverage if needed as storms develop and move towards Iowa.

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