12:30PM UPDATE: Severe Threat Increasing

It might not look like it now, but much of Iowa and portions of Missouri are now under a slight risk for severe weather.  Check out the updated risk graphic below.


With little sun, this risk is not born out of an abundance of instability, but rather a lot of key ingredients that will make the atmosphere favorable for supercells.  Although an isolated tornado or two is possible the main threat night appears to be coming from strong damaging winds and large hail.  A squall line may develop very late this afternoon in portions of western Iowa and northern Missouri.  In our previous post we showed you the forecasted radar image for tonight, it depicts a possible squall line pushing through the eastern half of the state of Iowa and Missouri.

This is still a very volatile and questionable forecast, but we wanted to update you on this threat because it’s a Sunday when many are not paying attention to the forecast.  Don’t let the cloud cover fool you, severe weather IS possible today and tonight. Stay tuned!

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