12:15pm UPDATE: Low Risk Still Means Threat of Tornadoes Today

day1otlk_1300With such a unique system the severe weather threat continues to mature across Iowa.  Although a more stabile environment, sunshine in many areas is producing newfound energy for storms to develop.  As a result, the Storm Prediction Center has expanded the risk area across much of Iowa.  You can see that area in the graphic to the left.

A center of low pressure will continue to track eastward into areas of Iowa that are more unstable, creating the threat of large hail later this afternoon.  There is also a threat for tornadoes.  There is enough wind shear in the lower levels near the frontal boundary that’s currently dissecting Iowa.  This is the area that would be most at risk for storms capable of producing tornadoes.

As people in southwest Iowa learned yesterday, it doesn’t take a major risk to produce tornadoes.  Tornadoes can occur during any severe weather event and, big or small, can cause serious damage.  We’ll continue to monitor this developing threat and bring you the latest as it becomes available.

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