1:20am UPDATE: Tornado Outbreak Possible Sunday


Although not a widespread event, we are monitoring the potential for a regional tornado outbreak on Saturday, especially over eastern portions of the Dakotas and western Minnesota.  This threat, in a somewhat lower magnitude, does stretch into northwest Iowa.

Of greatest concern is the potential for strong tornadoes (EF-2 or greater) to develop in this area).  Conditions will be favorable Sunday afternoon and evening for explosive thunderstorm development.  These storms will quickly turn severe, bringing the potential of very large hail, strong winds and the potential of strong, violent tornadoes.  This is a very dangerous situation, once again, especially on a Sunday.  At this time I would advise anyone in these areas, or if you know someone who lives in this area to make sure you and your loved ones stay aware of the situation throughout the day on Sunday.

This is a setup where the weather can change very dramatically, very quickly.  We will be monitoring the latest developments as the potential draws closer.  I also anticipate a multimedia briefing from the Storm Prediction Center later this morning which we, of course, will pass along to you.  We are also working to bolster our information resources here on the site so stay tuned.  Above all, stay aware and stay safe!

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