12:00pm UPDATE: Stormy Night Ahead for Northern Iowa

day1otlk_1630Little has changed in Iowa’s risk for severe weather as we move into the afternoon hours, but there is a potential for a long night for those who live close to the Minnesota border.  The Storm Prediction Center is maintaining its slight risk area for portions of northwest and north central Iowa.  At this hour it appears the primary threat tonight would come from strong damaging winds.

Thunderstorms are expected to develop in the Dakotas and western Minnesota later this afternoon.  That’s where the best chances for large hail and tornadoes exist today. 92f A frontal boundary is expected to remain just north of the border, keeping the focus for severe weather just north of Iowa.

After sunset, storms will continue to develop and may spread into Iowa much like they did last night.  There are better parameters tonight that would support an ongoing threat of strong storms capable of damaging wind gusts.

This is something that will have to be closely monitored.  A bigger threat for severe weather here in Iowa exists on Friday.  The SPC will update their forecast for tomorrow later this afternoon.  We’ll have an update for you coming in a bit later and we’ll continue to monitor today’s threat.

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