12:00pm UPDATE: Risk Spreads East Tonight

day1otlk_1630With a little more certainty in the forecast, the Storm Prediction Center has added central and eastern Iowa to their slight risk area.  This could turn into an MCS type event across Iowa tonight, or more appropriately a multi-round event.

Here’s how this breaks down, there is a threat of tornadoes, hail and wind in western Iowa.  This is the area considered at greatest risk for development of thunderstorms late this afternoon and into the evening hours.  Over time, after storms develop, the possible supercells will begin to merge into a line of strong storms capable of producing strong winds.   These storms are expected to ride along a frontal boundary draped over the from west to east.

That frontal boundary poses another concern.  Training of storms may occur, producing heavy rainfall in some places, possibly over the same areas hit the past two nights.  This is something that will need to be closely monitored through the evening hours.  Again we will monitor the situation throughout the day and night and launch live coverage later if needed.   Until then be sure to check back this afternoon for any new information.

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