12:00pm UPDATE: Outbreak Forecast Unchanged

day1otlk_1630We were waiting for the 11:30am outlook from the Storm Prediction Center to see if there would be any changes in the current thinking…. there is not.  The outlook remains identical from what it was earlier this morning.  Strong to severe thunderstorms are expected to begin firing in northwest Iowa today before spreading into a more widespread event later this afternoon and evening.  One danger for storm chasers and the public out in the elements today; the strong winds and high rate of speed at which these storms are expected to travel.

I think that’s the point I need to stress more than anything today.  With the speed of these storms behind higher than average, it is even more dangerous for anyone to approach a dangerous storm because escaping could become impossible.  Tornadoes can travel faster than 70mph and sometimes a car just won’t outrun it.  You rely on a road network, it doesn’t.  It goes where it wants to go.  So the word for everyone in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois today is to stay up to date on the latest weather information.  And if severe weather threatens your area, seek shelter immediately!

Storm Chaser Ben McMillan will once again be out in the elements today tracking these storms.  And we’ll bring you the very latest throughout the day and night right here.  Remember, if you have a storm report or picture you want to share with us, you can email them to [email protected]

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