12:00pm Update: Dry Slot Coming Up Short

day1otlk_1630There is clearing out there behind this morning’s rain, but we’re still waiting for it here in Iowa.  At this time there are indications that a dry column of air is setting up as expected, but farther south than earlier thought.  If this trend continues it could greatly lessen the threat for severe weather here in the state.

As a result, the Storm Prediction Center has scaled back the risk are to include only the southern half of the state.  This is the part of Iowa that stands the best chance to develop some instability as move into the evening hours.

If this can happen, storms that develop to our south and west could trek in after sunset.  At this time the threat for tornadoes is decreasing here in Iowa, with a greater threat from large hail and strong damaging winds.

Again, a silver lining to all of this is the widespread rains Iowa is receiving.  Not a drought-buster by any means, but a welcome sight as farmer’s worry begins to carry over to the 2013 growing season.  We will continue to monitor today’s severe weather threat and bring you another update later this afternoon.

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