11:40am UPDATE: Primary Threat Takes Slight Shift North


There has not been much of a change in the current thinking on the evolution of severe weather over the Upper Midwest today.  The Storm Prediction Center did, however, focus the moderate risk a little bit further north in their midday update.  This especially puts areas north and west of the greater Twin Cities area under a heightened state of alert.

Explosive thunderstorm development is expected in extreme eastern portions of North Dakota later this afternoon.  These storms will be capable of all modes of severe weather, very large hail, strong winds and a few tornadoes.  Some of those tornadoes could be especially strong and violent.  I have seen a number of chasers comment the conditions are favorable for “wedge” shaped tornadoes.  Wedge tornadoes more often than not signify a particularly strong tornado.

We will continue to monitor the situation and, again, we encourage you to share this information and story link with your friends and family who may be living in this area.  I’m always more concerned about the potential threat to human life on holidays like today when many simply are not paying as close attention to the rapidly changing weather conditions.

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