11:30am UPDATE: Tornado Threat Increasing

day1otlk_1630The latest outlook from the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK shows little change on the surface.  But dig deeper and you’ll find an ominous sign that we’ll be CLOSELY watching this afternoon.  First things first, there remains a slight risk for the entire state of Iowa today.  A wave of energy will pass through Iowa along with a center of low pressure that will trigger showers and thunderstorms across the state.

What makes things more ominous is the fact that rain expected to pass over Iowa this morning never materialized. Also, the clouds associated with that rain also didn’t come to pass as well.  This raises the probability that the atmosphere will destabilize and give us plenty of opportunity for a severe weather outbreak this afternoon and evening.

day1probotlk_1630_tornTaking a look at the graphic to the right, you can see the Storm Prediction Center has upgraded the tornado risk for portions of central Iowa.  This is an area along and just east of a center of low pressure this afternoon and evening.  This is the area where initially developing storms could turn into tornado producing supercells.

This is a serious concern as conditions are becoming favorable and we’ll have to continue monitoring this situation.

day1probotlk_1630_windWith the threat of severe weather increasing, the risk for other modes of severe weather also goes us for portions of central and eastern Iowa.  The SPC has upgraded the risk of wind and hail to 30%.  As storms continue to develop and push east, we could see a prolonged wind threat push into portions of eastern Iowa. 

Again there is growing concern we’ll see a fair amount of severe weather today, including tornadoes.  People in Iowa need to stay tuned to the latest weather information as this situation develops during the afternoon hours.  We will plan on launching our live coverage later today if needed.

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