11:30am UPDATE: Return of the Front Should Bring More Severe Weather

day1otlk_1630If you are like me, you’re rubbing your eyes a lot today.  That’s because thunderstorms have persisted over Iowa since they first developed some 18 hours ago.  A stormy night kept many (including myself) awake and now we’re looking at yet another round.

First things first, the graphic to the left shows today’s risk for severe weather over Iowa.  We’ve seen some ongoing but isolated severe weather in western Iowa this morning, but not enough to warrant a watch anytime soon.  That could change this afternoon and evening though.

With the frontal boundary still lingering in the area, it is expected to push back north into Iowa.  Along or near this frontal boundary we should see a new round of showers and thunderstorms, capable of producing large hail and strong damaging winds.  During the first few hours of this new outbreak, a few tornadoes are also possible, especially closest to a newly formed surface low in southwest Iowa.

Hail right now, much like yesterday, appears to be the primary threat.  These storms will also have the capability of producing some strong wind gusts.  That was evident in last night’s storms as well when gusts up to 80mph hit the Cedar Rapids area causing widespread power outages and damage.

If you’re wondering how we could be talking about more severe weather with all of the cool, dry air around it’s simple.  The cold front that passed through yesterday is now reversing course.  Therefore, it is a warm front.  All the warm, juicy air needed to touch off these storms is right behind it.  As it enters the state, consider it a repeat of yesterday but in reverse, storms will come from the north rather than the south and we’ll do it all over again.

We’ll continue to monitor the very latest and launch our live coverage this afternoon if needed.

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