1 More Round of Storms Before a Needed Break

today.gif This storm system is not done with us yet.  To the left you can see the storm reports across Iowa, including 10 tornado reports.  Two powerful supercells developed in north central Iowa, dropping numerous tornadoes including one reportedly large twister.  It’s unclear at this hour how much if any damage was caused by these twisters, but it’s a safe bet meteorologists will investigate this are on Wednesday.

day1otlk_1200 This storm system will finally exit the state today, but not before threatening eastern Iowa with a final round of severe weather.  The graphic to the right shows the risk for today.  The best chance for severe weather is just east of Iowa, but initial development could begin here before crossing the Mississippi River.

This would limit the strong wind threat.  Instead it makes the highest risk for severe weather tornadoes and large hail.

day1probotlk_1200_torn If storms can fire up in eastern Iowa, southeast parts of the state stand the best chance to see supercells form capable of producing tornadoes.  In the graphic to the left you see a modest change for tornadoes.  But the strongest threat is to the east of us.  If storms do not fire until later in the evening (like they did on Tuesday), we might see few thunderstorms and instead watch them develop in parts of Illinois.

day1probotlk_1200_hailIf those supercells get going, eastern Iowa could also see some large hail.  You can see in the graphic to the right there is a pretty strong chance of large hail over the area.

The good news is this will not be an all night event here in Iowa.  If storms develop, they will cause problems for a few hours, but then they will move east, and we’ll finally be done with this system. 

There are chances for showers and thunderstorms in the coming days, but with it comes some calmer periods.  Much welcomed here in Iowa after days and days of severe storms at all hours of the night. 

We’ll monitor today’s severe weather threat (after a little shut eye), and bring you updates here if needed.

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